The Swarm and the Flyer – Chapter 7: To Argyle (Part 2)

“A monster lies in wait in me, A stew of wounds and misery, But fiercer still in life and limb, The me that lies in wait in him.” ― Clive Barker Dark speculative fiction sometimes demands a dark protagonist. Not just one with vices and virtues, but rather, somebody who you can see both active … Continue reading The Swarm and the Flyer – Chapter 7: To Argyle (Part 2)

The Needle Drop

I have a little bit of poetry for you all tonight. I wrote this in the summer of 2012, back when I was riding the highs and lows of my romantic attraction to a special friend and triathlon teammate. To my fellow bloggers, writers, and poets: I hope you all find something memorable and captivating … Continue reading The Needle Drop

Eyes of Excruciation – Act 5

Hello followers! I apologize for missing my regularly scheduled installments for the past two Saturdays. I was at a family reunion last Saturday, which of course was worthy of writing about in my journal! I was also pretty caught up in completing my client case conceptualization for my internship site this past weekend, which I just finished this morning. … Continue reading Eyes of Excruciation – Act 5