Last Semester of Grad School

This circle of mine is drawing to a close.

It’s a little stunning to think that almost three years ago to this day, I was sitting in my very first graduate-level course at the University of North Texas, ready to absorb all that my professors had to offer regarding basic counseling skills and theories. A neophyte. That’s what I was. Now I just had my advisor and professor tell me in my first class of the semester that we are in a place where we can safely say goodbye to the exclusive role of “student” – and embrace the role of “counselor in training.”

Business Leadership Building

The BLB: The first building I entered for my graduate interview day in April of 2013.

How strange it feels for me to think that way. I’m almost to the status of new professional? Far out. 

We explored (and busted) some myths tonight in Internship 2, such as:

  • Being an intern is just like taking on an apprenticeship 
  • It is always legal to not be paid as an intern
  • Interns always get a paid position at their site

Confronting these false expectations was helpful. Not because they still held sway in my mind, but because openly dispelling them allowed me to understand how much more flexible and wiser I’ve become. And how much wider I’ve opened my professional and personal horizons.

It’s taken three years of self-exploration, of vulnerability and unexpected loss, but I’ve reached a new high point in my life. A plateu where I can look back on my time as a student while embracing the title I’ve earned for myself: intern.


I know there will be more bridges for me to cross. And that there will be clients who will bring me to tears, shock me, and inspire rejection and fear in me. Those times have their place in my life.

But right now I cherish this moment. It’s my last semester as a Master’s student, and I’m proud of myself.

You made it, R-M.

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