Synopsis: Stalder Press to Handstand

Greetings again! Day three of NaNoWriMo went well. I was worried that today would be my most challenging day to write thus far, since I work at my internship site from 8:30 AM until 4:30 PM, then get off and head straight to class, which is from 5:30 until 8:20.

So what did I do in order to get in my daily number of words?

I wrote in class.


If you know me personally, you’d probably gasp and say, “Richard-Michael, you’re such a rebel!” I know, I know. But if you were also taking Women’s Emotional Health , you’d know that our class is severely lacking in group discussions anyway. Plus, writing is necessary self-care for me at this point in my last semester of grad school.


Me trying to look like I was paying attention to tonight’s lecture.

But when 7:50 rolled around and our TA announced that he was done lecturing, I looked down at my word count on Novlr: 1,677 words! Huzzah!

In order to celebrate, I’d like to share my synopsis for Stalder Press to Handstand. Below you’ll find the brief version. As always, I would love to hear your feedback and thoughts.

Chat with you soon, fellow writers!

Stalder Press to Handstand is a post-apocalyptic horror novel about Rayland Mark Calderón, a sensitive and determined college triathlete who must outsmart supernatural sound-based entities that have decimated much of the human race. Rayland survives alongside Jake Knecht, a charismatic and spirited teammate who Rayland swore to stop loving while with his boyfriend, who was killed by the unseen. Undertaking a 459 mile trek to a rumored safe haven near Artesia, New Mexico, Rayland and Jake are joined by two police officers who help them fend off a vicious group of bandits. Rayland must fight not only the unseen and the bandits, but his own demons who haunt him with unrequited love and heartbreak.

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